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Water Softening is a widely used process for reducing hardness forming cations (Ca & Mg) which precipitate and scale at very low temperatures and pressures. Softening is a reversible ion exchange process wherein specific ions are exchanged with sodium ions present in the resin group. Water softeners are the removal of calcium, magnesium, and certain other metal cations in hard water. We are the best suppliers of water softeners in Navi Mumbai, Mumbai

Standard Capacities

  • 0.1– 25, 3.5 – 35, 0.3- 25, 3.5 – 230 m3/hr
  • Upto 500 m3/hr available on request

Unique Features

  • Available in FRP/ GRP vessels upto 42” diameter
  • Sleek design in MS with single-valve operation
  • Rugged packed bed design in up-flow operation
  • Flexibility in resin volumes

water softeners