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Milanil sales corporation is well known for Incineration is a waste treatment process in Mumbai. We have a qualified professional’s for the waste treatment process, they give quality work. Thermax offers Destromat Pyrolytic Incinerators specifically designed to treat hazardous solid waste. Incinerators are designed to achieve the desired Destruction & Removal Efficiency (DRE) along with emission norms laid down by the Central Pollution Control Board.

Incineration is a waste treatment process that involves the combustion of organic substances contained in waste materials in Navi Mumbai, Mumbai. Incineration and other high temperature waste treatment systems are described as “thermal treatment. Incineration has numerous benefits especially in terms of destroying contaminant medical wastes and other life-risking garbage. The main advantages of Incineration are Decreases quantity of waste, Production of heat and power, Reduction of Pollution, Incinerators have filters for trapping pollutants, Saves on Transportation of Waste, Provides better control over odor and noise, Prevent the production of methane gas, Eliminates harmful germs and chemicals, Incinerators operate in any weather, Effective Metal Recycling

Unique Features

  • Multi-chamber design
  • Tested & certified by Central Pollution Control Board(CPCB)
  • Technical registration with DGS&D
  • Adequate instrumentation for safety & control

Options Available

  • Heat recovery system & Auto feeding mechanism version for the above range are also available
  • Higher capacity units, in the range of 300-1500 kg/Hr
  • VS-with venture scrubber