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Demineralisation (DM) Plants

Demineralisation (DM) Plants

Demineralization Plants is a proven & reliable technology used in Water Treatment Plants to remove minerals, using the principles of ion exchange, de-gasification, and polishing. It is used to produce mineral-free water. Considering your inlet water quality and capacity parameters, customized solutions can be offered based on inlet water quality, capacity, and requirements. Demineralization Plants is known as DM plant. Milanil Sales Corporation deals in Supplying and Distributing of Demineralisation Plants in Navi Mumbai.

Salient Features

  • Resins with high resistance, longer life, high exchange capacities & lower chemical consumption
  • Low maintenance & easy installation
  • Cost effective standard models
  • Advanced software used for optimal selection and configuration

  • Standard Capacities

    DFX 0.1-14 m3/hr Available in FRP/ GRP vessels upto 42”
    EZ DU 3.5-14 m3/hr DM plants with MSRL vessels with single
    Valve operation
    TDU 0.3-50 m3/hr Rugged packed bed in up-flow operation
    TDD 3.5-70 m3/hr DM range with flexibility in resin