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Aqology Teknix

Aqology Teknix

Automatic Backflush Self Cleaning Screen Filter

Milanil sales corporation is the well-established companies betrothed in manufacturing, supplying and exporting a world-class collection of Industrial Filters in Navi Mumbai, Mumbai. We provide Automatic self-cleaning Screen filter in Navi Mumbai. We Increase your production rates With our unique self-cleaning design in Navi Mumbai, we also provide Automatic self-cleaning Screen filter with improves your product quality & reduce your costs. The Self Cleaning Screen Filter is the advantage of Multigrade sand filter in Mumbai

The Automatic Backflush Self Cleaning Screen Filter from Aqology Teknix Navi Mumbai. The filtering element is a circular ss screen with in to out filtration. Backflush Self Cleaning Screen Filter is regularly backwashed automatically with a suction technique that consumes the unfiltered water itself. The filter concept is Manufacturer and Exporter of Auto Backflush Type Filters, Self Cleaning Filter Housing all over the Navi Mumbai, Mumbai.

It is Side Stream screen filtration system which is automatic in operation. It works on the differential pressure principle. When differential pressure exceeds the set pressure difference then the periphery of filter screen gets cleaned by suction nozzles which rotate through the hydraulic motor. The flush water flows through dirt collector and out to the flushing valve to atmosphere. After a preset time, flushing valves close & cleaning cycle is complete.

The entire cleaning cycle takes approximately 15 second.

Even during the back flush cycle, filtering continues interrupted.

Advantages over conventional Multi Grade Sand filter

  • Easy & quick to install
  • Very little installation cost
  • Negligible water consumption in backwashing (<1%)
  • Very low operating cost (low pressure drop & negligible power consumption in backwashing)
  • High efficiency filtration of particles (major part of very fine particles are also filtered due to uniform filter cake)
  • No fluctuations in pressure or flow rate of filtered water during backflushing.
  • No standby/duplex filter required
  • Performance unaffected by variation in flow rates

Automatic self cleaning filter