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Aqua Conditioner

Aqua Conditioner

Milanil sales corporation is one of the best leading company for Aqua Conditioner in Mumbai, India. We manufacture, supply all our products with using latest technology. Our products are well tested and used by industries and homes . We are famous for Aqua Conditioner in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai India

Advantages of Aqua Conditioners

  • NO moving Parts
  • No Electricity
  • No maintenance
  • No chemicals, salts & additives
  • No backwashing, No magnets
  • Easy installation
  • Highly cost effective
  • Never needs replacement

It can be directly installed on Water pipe Line.


Commercials & Industrials

  • Eco friendly hard water treatment, No chemicals & No salts
  • Prevents calcium carbonate scaling.
  • Inhibits the formation of algae & growth of Bio-film

Buildings & Apartments

  • Bathroom surfaces will be kept clean
  • Reduce detergent in washing machine & dish washers
  • Solve hair problems caused due to hard water.

Floriculture, Irrigation, Farming

  • Salt, Iron & other minerals will be kept in solution so they do not crust & damage plants & equipments.
  • Greater feeder roots have been reported
  • Pipe & sprinkler nozzles will be protected from lime scale deposits.

Swimming Pools

  • Use of less pool chemicals & maintain better results
  • Pool system pipes, pumps, heating elements, filters water chlorinator will run more efficiently & have much longer life.
  • Tiles & paintwork will need less cleaning & maintenance.

Sizes of Aqua Conditioners

  • 1/2″ BSPP – 2″ BSPP
  • 2.5″ Table ‘D’ Flange – 4″ Table ‘D’ Flange